About Us

Celebrate with us!

We believe having fun should be an integral part of a runner’s journey.  No matter if it is around the block, in a park, on a trail, a 5K or a marathon, we believe every run – and every runner – should be celebrated! 

Our Mission is to promote, encourage and celebrate the running achievements of all runners; adults, kids and families through our fun and creative apparel, products and events. 

At age 48 I started running and at the beginning of 2013 ran my first 5K in March in San Diego with 100’s of nurses to raise money and awareness for patient safety.  I loved the discipline required to train for a race and I fell in love with running, racing, the community of runners and the celebration of it all. I was hooked! I had found my passion! I now run 15-20 miles a week and have participated in many races, including two half marathons. I love being a runner! 

Fortunately, my love for running has inspired my family to also become runners. My youngest son now enjoys kid’s fun runs and doing 5K’s with his mom. Running is a wonderful – and healthy – thing to do with your family! 

Celebrate the Run was born out of my love for running and the running community, and the desire to express it through clothes and products we use in our day-to-day lives. I wanted to tell others about my enthusiasm for running and create a bond between runners outside of the race venue. 

Creating a new brand of apparel and products is an endeavor that takes a team of dedicated, creative, and passionate people. I am so appreciative of the partners whose talent and hard work have helped make Celebrate the Run a reality. We are very excited to begin the journey by launching our line of high quality running-themed t-shirts for casual wear. In addition to opening our online store, we are exhibiting (and running!) at various races this summer, beginning with the MedCity Marathon in Rochester, Minnesota. 

We hope to hear from you on Facebook (don't forget to Like us!) or meet you at a race.

Celebrate the Run! Wear the Fun!

Nancy Arnold 
Chief Running Officer